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EXPERIENCE PRODUCER + Interactive ideator

Fond of blending the high-brow with the left-field, I take inspiration from far flung places, accidental adventures, immersive theater, haute cuisine, weird art, and kaleidoscopic festivals, which all get distilled down into shiny ideas to create beautifully crafted events and uniquely memorable experiences.

Specializing in experiential marketing activations and immersive environments, for over 12 years I have applied my hands-on work ethic to conceptual film premieres, interactive events, and festival activations, often incorporating broader digital strategy and social amplification alongside live acting casts and tech-led gamification.


 In 2018 I relocated from London to Los Angeles. My work this side of the pond has so far included immersive theater-via-live-video-call for Portal from Facebook, a paintball rage room for DC Comics, a vampire improv comedy lair for What We Do In The Shadows,  a mermaid museum for Popsugar, a time-travel themed holiday party for Seth Macfarlane, and a multi-sensory forest for the press launch of Our Planet on Netflix. 

Most recently I've been applying my enthusiasm for all things interactive to virtual events, working with agencies like, Imaginex Productions and CG Creative Studios to conceptualize and deliver exceptional out-of-the-box talent performances, speaker sessions, and live immersive entertainment


 I have a production background but I'm known for being a creative ideator and problem solver. My job title seems to change with every project but is usually some mash up of Senior/Creative/Immersive/Events/Producer. Catchy, right?


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